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Jun 18 2013

How do the Tao of Badass Techniques Work?

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The Tao of Badass techniques work by attacking the root cause of anxiety and panic attacks. Most traditional anti-anxiety courses were developed to help someone cope with anxiety and deal with a panic attack when it happens. It could be they were taught to take deep breaths, count to 10 or breathe into a paper bag.  Either way, these methods and exercises don’t really tackle the main issue.

Panic attacks can be triggered hours before they actually manifest themselves as attacks. The sufferer develops a deep set fear of them, their anxiety levels rise and are constantly high. This creates a never ending cycle that will be difficult to break out of. What the techniques do is help the person suffering to train themselves to release that fear and anxiety. Once they have done this, they more often than not stop having panic attacks permanently and their general anxiety disappears. It isn’t a form of hypnosis or Neuro-linguistic programming but is in actual fact a cognitive method developed using good old fashioned psychology.

Panic attacks and general anxiety is a hardwired fault with the brain misinterpreting signals from the body. It believes it is in danger and the fight or flight response is triggered. This is a basic instinct that is present in everybody and during a panic attack it is this response that goes into overdrive. It is important to remember that panic attacks will not harm someone physically although to someone who has attacks, it may feel like they are about to die. In order to overcome their anxiety and stop panic attacks, a person needs to change the way their mind works the moment they feel an attack developing. They need to learn to calm the mind down. Exercises, such as deep breathing, only work by calming the body down. It doesn’t solve the problem at its source.

These new techniques teach a person to calm the mind whenever they feel an attack coming and to be able to it in an instant. It doesn’t make reference to pages and pages of science of the brain. There is no need to teach a person about what happens to the brain in every tiny detail. All that is required is to teach a person how it happens and how they can put a stop to it.

The Tao of Badass techniques (check it out now) allow a person to develop an inner confidence and self belief.  Once this is achieved and they have stopped the panic attacks, that person is then free to go about their lives as though they never suffered from anxiety or panic attacks in the first place.

These techniques are delivered through a user friendly course that was developed in conjunction with leading psychologists and can be used from the moment the user turns the first page. Then once learned they can be called upon anytime that they are required. In some cases, it will be possible to stop a panic attack within seconds of it beginning to manifest itself.

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