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Apr 23 2013

Paleo Diet Recipes for Muscle Gain

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If you are interested in ThePaleoRecipeBook.co, then most likely you are a hard gainer. Hard gainers are skinny people who despite all their efforts hardly gain any muscles or weight. These people usually have a fast metabolism and it’s hard for hem to gain any weight. Nevertheless, with the help of the Paleo Diet recipes, then you can achieve your ultimate goal of having a ripped belly and muscles on your arms. Here are a few tips for muscle building.

The first thing you need to do is adjust your calorie intake. The main reason as to why skinny people don’t add any muscles or weight is because they do not eat sufficient calories. Your calorie intake per day should be increased in order to gain muscles. The amount of calories that you should take in a day should be 24 times your body weight. This is just a general rule as there are factors to be considered as explained by Vince delmonte. In his work out eBooks, he has explained how to measure your calorie intake accurately for your own benefit.

You also need to consider following a full body work out program. There are many skinny people out there who work out only on the upper parts of their bodies and then work out their lower body parts later. Nevertheless, you are required to work out your full body at least 4 times a week. Do not forget to do some compound exercises as they work well in stimulating muscle groups. Some exercises such as squats, bench press and deadlifts are ideal for enhancing a large part of your muscles which consequently allow faster muscle gain. Finally, make sure you change your work outs in order to avoid stagnation. If you do not change your work outs, you will only see the results on the first few weeks and then nothing.

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